Welcome to Leedco!


Founded in Anaheim, California in 1982 and incorporated in the State of California in 2001, the company has provided numerous services to private sectors and government agencies successfully on more than six thousand projects.   Leedco Engineers, Inc. (Leedco) is a multi-disciplined engineering and construction firm specialized to perform consulting Engineering, General Building and Specialty Construction. Leedco is composed of highly qualified licensed professional engineers and construction professionals with considerable experience in the design and construction and operation of industrial, commercial, municipal, medical and federal facilities. Our professional staff includes licensed civil, mechanical, structural and electrical engineers, environmental scientists, construction professionals and contractors with A, B and C type licenses. From concept to completion, we tailor strategies that save money and build sound engineering and environmental practices into our clients’ long-term business goals. Working in conjunction with our engineering resources, we can provide a complete design-build project that offers a much improved schedule, cost savings, streamlined contract management, and improved accountability and communications. Leedco Engineers, Inc. continues to grow through a combination of strategic partnering and successful program development.

In keeping with our founding vision of producing a high quality experience for the client and Professional, we feel it is of utmost importance to develop a personal relationship with our clients. To this end, every client is personally served by one of the firm’s principal engineers designated as the “principal-in-charge”. The principal-in-charge is a “single-source” contact for the client to obtain answers and personal service from our firm. The principal-in-charge is responsible for managing all phases of a project from start to finish, which ensures a seamless project for our client. Likewise, we are committed to maintaining excellent relationships with regulatory and public agencies. We feel our strong commitment to solid relationships with all people involved in a project is vital in terms of business, as well as overall personal well being.

The geographical service area has covered more that nineteen states form California to New York, and from Texas to Washington.  Marketing areas have recently been expanded to Asian countries including China, Taiwan, Kazakhstan, Korea, Middle East, and African Countries.