Salah Addine International Airport


Leedco was awarded a contract with Salah Addine Governorate Investment Commission in Iraq to invest and build an International airport that is capable of providing air transportation to 3 million visitors and tourists yearly. The proposed International  Airport will be strategically situated as it will be located in the Center of the Iraq governorates where it is considered a circle of ties between the north, south, east and west of Iraq.  The governorate consist of cities of very important touristic attractions as it has ancient historical and religious sites and where the burial places of prophets and their relatives exist such as the burial of the Imams Hasan and Hussein and the burial of the coming Imam al mohdi in Samarra and the burial of sheikh Mohammad in the city of Balad.  The Governorate has also oil fields and petrochemical industries and refineries where there are currently and will enjoy huge construction and economic development activities in the future.  The Airport will also provide air transportation services to passengers in case of air traffic or bad weather or emergency conditions in the Baghdad Airport since the safest and closest airport to Baghdad City is the new Salah Addine International Airport.

The Airport will be constructed in phases. The initial construction phase of the project is about $50 Million with estimated total cost of $90 Million including future expansion of the airport.