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Leedco Equipment & Facilities



Lab equipments to perform basic soil tests include:
Geotech EQ • Soil Consolidation
• Direct Shear Test
• Atterburg Limits
• Torvane Shear Device
• Field Densities
• Moisture Contents
• Sieve Analysis
• Hydrometer Tests
• Compaction Tests
• Vane Shear Tests and much more...


Geotech Field

• Tilt Meters
• In-Situ Density Test Devices
• Drill & Soil Samplers
• Torvane Shear Device
• Cone Penetrometer


PENTAX Electronic Total Station PTS II-05 & David White TR300 Transits.


We use the Intel® CoreTM 2 Quad Processor Q8200 for both our engineering analysis and problem simulations.  These are the most powerful machines in the present IT environment.  Their capabilities are 8 GB PC2-6400 DDR2 Memory and  500 Gigabytes Hard Drive; these values are the basic requirements for engineering work.  However, the RAM can be expanded up to 12 Gigabytes and advanced performance tower servers can be added.

We have installed computer softwares such as AutoCAD 2009, IMAGE-3D, Windows Vista, STRUDL, Risa 3D and PILEDG to provide our professional staff a wide range of design and analytical tools.  Our state-of-the-art finite element analysis program can perform 3-D static, and advanced dynamic analysis.  It has the capabilities for up to 3,000 nodes, 99 static load cases, 90 frequencies and mode shapes, and 100 types of materials.  Another computer software that we installed for pile foundation analysis has been successfully used in geotechnical practice for many years.  We have also installed AutoCAD 11 for computer aided engineering drawings, with plotting capability of Houston Instrument DMP61 and HP Design Jet 450C.